DJ Firefly Events...

Couch Dancing Radio Show
Pure Electronic Intoxication

Wednesdays 2:00-5:00pm ET
WRCT Pittsburgh 88.3FM
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Beyond Beats: Under the 40th St Bridge
Saturday September 15th, 11am-9pm (All Day)

DJ Firefly, Buscrates, Chipped Chops, C.Scott, Dermatone,
Ephen, Glo Phase, Konda The First, Mike Masai, Nichole Greider,
Rachna Radar, Sacral Thrash, TzT, Wreck League
Visuals by Infinite Dream State

40th St Bridge, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh
FREE all day! More info HERE

Cured! @ Remedy

We're back!! 6 Years Strong!
Every first Friday of the month 10pm-2am

Get Cured! Friday Sep 7, 2018
DJ Firefly & Jarrett Tebbets

FREE before 11 / $5 after, ages 21+

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